1 + 1pc Baggage Allowance

Enjoy a special 1+1 PC baggage allowance when booking with Pinoy Travels. Enhance your journey with extra luggage space for the Philippines. Book Now!

1+1pc Baggage Allowance for Philippines

Enjoy the journey with Pinoy Travels and enjoy an exclusive 1+1 PC baggage allowance offer! This means you get double the luggage, double the convenience. We understand the importance of having ample space for your belongings, and our special promotion ensures that you can pack everything you need without any worries. our 1+1 PC baggage allowance has you covered. This limited-time offer is designed to enhance your travel experience, providing you with the freedom to bring more on your journey. Book your next adventure with Pinoy Travels and experience the joy of double baggage allowance. Because when it comes to travel, we believe in making your journey as comfortable and worry-free as possible.

London to Manila

Valid Until

07-10-2024 to 12-10-2024

London to Cebu

Valid Until

16-10-2024 to 21-10-2024

London to Davao

Valid Until

25-10-2024 to 31-10-2024

terms and conditions

  1. Handling fee will be incurred during processing.
  1. Weight (Kg) allowance for 1+1 piece baggage may vary based on the airline and class
  1. 1+1 piece baggage allowance may vary depending on the airline, route, and fare class booked.
  1. Changes to bookings may affect the baggage allowance. Cancellations may result in the loss of the allowance, subject to the airline's policies

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