Upto 40kg Baggage Allowance

Enjoy the freedom of up to 40kg baggage allowance on your journey. Pack more without worry and make your travels stress-free with our generous luggage offer.

Upto 40kg Baggage Allowance

Ultimate travel convenience with our generous baggage offers, allowing you up to 40kg of luggage. Say goodbye to packing stress and bring all you need for a seamless and enjoyable journey. Our commitment to providing ample baggage allowance ensures that you can travel with everything you desire, from essentials to souvenirs. Enjoy the freedom to pack more without the hassle, making your travel experience truly comfortable and worry-free.

London to Manila

Valid Until

01-11-2024 to 06-11-2024

London to Cebu

Valid Until

13-11-2024 to 18-11-2024

London to Davao

Valid Until

23-11-2024 to 28-11-2024

terms and conditions

  1. Selected flights from the Philippines offer up to 40kg baggage allowance, with some airlines extending it to 46kg.
  1. Popular airlines from the Philippines offering a 40kg baggage allowance include Emirates / Qatar / Etihad and Singapore. Please note that this allowance is applicable only for economy class bookings.
  1. Please note that baggage allowances may vary for other classes.

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